Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day Drinking = Joy!

Happy vernal equinox, ya'll! The first day of spring is officially here and as much as I love bundling up to sit around a roaring outdoor fire sipping hot toddies with friends, I equally love shedding those layers for the feel of the sun on my bare shoulders while sipping a cold beer. So, with spring's arrival and blue skies everywhere patio drinking and sundresses are on my mind. All, you need is the perfect patio bar. My fave: The Bulldog, south Louisiana's patio bar utopia. It's dog friendly and the beer is always cold.

In Louisiana, spring means the return of Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager and with only 99,000 cases made this year you should enjoy it as soon and as often as possible (which I fully intend to do). When that glorious juice runs out you won’t be able to enjoy it until next spring (frowny face). I've also recently become obsessed with Magic Hat #9, a slightly sweet, not-so-pale ale. This beer is truly special. I discovered a haiku written about it on the brewery's website:

Sweet Nine, Number Nine

Sweet Nine, Number Nine
A welcome burst of flavor
Tongue tastes spring's first bloom

Poetic genius, if you ask me. Any beer worthy of poetry is worthy of my palate.

So, needless to say I plan to fill my weekends with taste-testing brews, sunning, and laughing with friends. Beinvenue spring!


  1. Bring on the day drinking! As long as I keep my shoes on.

  2. Do you know that I've never even seen the patio at the Bulldog. #fail

  3. mmmmarrriiiissssaMarch 22, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    Something tells me Armani doesn't go day drinking with you!

  4. No, Armani...not so much, but Maximus - definitely!! He loves a good dark beer.