Monday, July 18, 2011

Pizza Delicious = Joy!

Last night Nick and I had our first Pizza Delicious experience and it was ah-maze-ing! For those of you unfamiliar Pizza Delicious is a small, 2-oven operation in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. It's a bit of an underground sensation with a cult following. Pizzas are available every Thursday and Sunday for carryout only (unless you live in the Bywater or Marigny - then they'll deliver to you). They make cheese, margherita, and pepperoni pizzas each night, but also feature 2 specialty pizzas, usually a meaty option and a vegetarian option. The Pizza Delicious faithful consult "The Blog" typically the day before to scope out the menu. Then, on the appointed day the phone lines open at noon and thus begins the ordering process. The doors open at 5 p.m. and they'll assign staggered pick-up times to callers as the orders come in. It's always better to call earlier, rather than later. Sometimes ingredients tend to run out. And, sometimes worse still, dough runs out and you're left with no pizza at all.

One of the specials last night was a homemade meatball pie with an option to add caramelized onions (who wouldn't want to add that?). We went for it all and it didn't disappoint. The sauce had a rich, tomatoey essence and the meatballs were tender and full of flavor. The caramelized onions added the perfect sweet surprise that capped off the whole experience. It was hands-down the best pizza I've had in a really long time (sorry, Fleur de Lis).  We have already begun stalking their blog to see what wonderful creations await us on Thursday.


  1. JEALOUS. That looks insane. I'm still waiting for a report on the okra man, or whoever it was that sketchily screamed down the street prompting your Googling.

  2. We are so eating there next time.